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Nowadays, many people choose custom-made shoe cabinets when buying furniture, but in the decoration, many people will fall into a dilemma. Is it a finished wardrobe or a custom wardrobe? When the editor is decorating, it is also a long-term problem, so how to choose? Can I listen to what the decoration teacher says!

Which custom wardrobe PK finished wardrobe is better ?

Both have advantages and disadvantages, let's compare it for everyone! Let's take a look at the loudest custom wardrobe!

First, custom wardrobe

Now more and more people will choose customized wardrobes during decoration. There are only two reasons. One is that you can customize the size according to the size of the space, which looks more beautiful and comfortable. The second step is to customize the wardrobe you want. The shape is tailored according to your own needs, to create your own unique private "brand"! Whether it is personalized or overall, the advantages of custom wardrobes are obvious!

Custom wardrobes have many disadvantages. First of all, custom-made wardrobes have high requirements for workers' craftsmanship. Some exquisite designs and craftsmanship can only be done by skilled masters, while most carpenters can only do simple things. It is just the style, the effect may not be very satisfactory!

Secondly, the waste of custom-made wardrobes on site, the loss of materials should be included in the consumption of materials, if the master's craft is not good, then the "money" that needs to be spent a little more!

Second, the overall wardrobe

Compared with custom wardrobes, the whole wardrobe is simple and convenient. At the scene, you can take home your favorite style and favorite style! Simple and convenient, you can choose a variety of products, you can choose the right price according to your budget and actual situation. Materials, etc!

But again, the shortcomings of the overall wardrobe are very obvious. First of all, it is difficult to guarantee the tightness of the seam after purchasing the entire wardrobe. Secondly, the material and quality of the product cannot be guaranteed. Wisdom is chosen by experience and personal vision! Finally, the shape of the entire wardrobe may not be as satisfying as a custom wardrobe! But the quality and craftsmanship of the overall wardrobe will be better!

Therefore, whether it is a custom wardrobe or a whole wardrobe is a good choice, you can't talk about the advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to your own situation, if you like personalized pursuit of strict seams, you can choose a custom wardrobe, which is more convenient Don't want to trouble the whole wardrobe is also a good choice!

The editor has something to say :

When customizing the wardrobe door, you must consider whether the drawers and mirrors in the wardrobe can be opened normally. The size and number of doors must be customized after the drawer is confirmed.

The second is to customize the wardrobe or consider it from the perspective of safety and practicability. You can't just pursue innovations. Carpenter masters are all experienced. On-site design can be discussed with the master! In short, the best is often suitable for you.

Finally, no matter whether it is a custom wardrobe or a whole wardrobe, they cannot ignore their practical functions because of decoration. Qualified wardrobes should coexist with both ~~

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