CCTV financial report on the issue of intelligent door locks

With the rapid spread of mobile Internet and the continuous penetration of Internet of Things technology, smart home has become one of the most concerned areas in recent years. Smart door locks, as the entry-level products of smart homes and the core items of the home smart security system, ushered in explosive growth in 2018. At the same time, the market is mixed, the quality of products is uneven, and it also lays a crisis for industrial development.

This market has also attracted the attention of the most authoritative media in China, CCTV Financial Channel. As the only CCTV financial channel dedicated to the capital market, the "Transaction Time" column on July 24th "Company and Industry" section, focusing on the smart door lock industry, in-depth coverage of the industry's development status and prospects, Yunding Technology As a representative enterprise of the intelligent door lock industry, it has received in-depth interviews with journalists in the apartment market and the home market.

Huang Fangyuan, head of South China, Yunding Intelligent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

As an emerging brand representative in the field of smart locks, Yunding Technology has firmly grasped the development trend of the industry and completed the comprehensive layout of the apartment market and the home market in just four years, and quickly became the industry leader. In the past 618 years of the E-Commerce Festival, Yunding Technology's Luke Smart Lock has achieved the highest sales performance in Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Xiaomi and other products, surpassing Samsung, including A number of international brands including Yale. It is precisely because of the outstanding performance in the apartment market and the home market that Yunding Technology has won the favor of CCTV Financial Channel.

Smart door locks are sought after by apartment projects, Yunding helps apartment industry upgrade

CCTV mentioned in the program that as the apartment market continues to heat up, how to improve the energy efficiency ratio becomes a major difficulty. The number of apartment management rooms has risen to a certain extent. The long-rent apartment platform must maintain competitiveness by reducing operating costs and improving management efficiency, and intelligence is the most effective way.

Huang Fangyuan, head of Yunding Technology South China District, said in an interview with CCTV Financial Channel that “through smart door locks, we can run through the entire operation of housing, rental, control, and even subsequent leaseback. Locks can save them most of their operating time and labor costs. With smart door locks, one can manage 20 or 50 houses from now on, and now can manage 200 or even 500 houses.” Currently, the cloud Ding Apartment has a market share of 60%, covering more than 100 cities and regions across the country, and is in an absolutely leading market position. In the future, Yunding Technology will continue to use the first-mover advantage to do a good job in the apartment market, and through cooperation with Vanke and Chain Home, it will empower the industry as a whole and help upgrade.

The smart door lock market is mixed, and the Luke customers use the safety as the core to solve the pain points.

Under the continuous penetration of the concept of smart home, ordinary users have also chosen to use smart door lock products. However, CCTV also mentioned in the report that while the smart lock home market is developing rapidly, it is inevitable that there will be mixed phenomena in the market, which will bring security risks to the family. Some time ago, using the "small black box" (ie Tesla coil) electromagnetic pulse attack for 3 seconds to open a variety of smart door lock video, widely spread on the Internet, causing many users panic, questioning the smart door lock Safety performance.

In this regard, Yunding Technology's home brand Lukang issued an official statement at the first time, and released a product test video, confirming that the safety of Lukang products will not be affected by the "small black box." During the interview, the staff of the Luke Shenzhen Laboratory demonstrated the internal structure of its smart lock product: the Luke Smart Lock is made of high temperature resistant, electromagnetic radiation resistant, high life parts and is used in the design of the door lock structure. The fully shielded design completely encloses the board in the middle of the metal, greatly reducing the effects of electromagnetic radiation. In addition, the Luke Smart Lock adopts the C-class lock cylinder with the highest safety level in the industry, and also supports multiple security functions such as door interlocking, anti-cat eye unlocking and intelligent remote alarm.

Service system or competition focus, Yunding Technology to create a full-cycle service

For the current fiercely competitive smart door lock market, CCTV analyzed in the program that security has become a key point, and installation and other follow-up services have become the focus of competition in the smart door lock industry. In this regard, Huang Fangyuan, the person in charge of Luke Smart Lock, agreed that he said in the program: "It is still difficult to protect this service because smart door lock is an industry that needs to respond quickly."

In order to support the back-end of services and respond quickly to the needs of consumers, Yunding Technology has built a system of documentary systems using the Internet, tracking the entire life cycle of each door lock from sales, logistics, delivery to after-sales. At present, Yunding Technology has established a 1000+ professional delivery team, has the largest door lock installation service network in China, and established the Luke College to conduct unified training and management from the installation process and installation standards, providing 7-year-old 7 ×24 hours customer service response, and after-sales installation of the master in 3 hours, and other after-sales service.

Good products and good services not only make Yunding Technology win the favor and recognition of consumers, but also attract the favor of capital. At the beginning of July, Yunding Technology completed the largest round of financing in the smart door lock industry to date - C + round financing of 270 million yuan. Chen Bin, founder and CEO of Yunding Technology, said that this round of financing will be mainly used for innovation and upgrading in the direction of supply chain, delivery service, channel, data service, etc., fundamentally solving the difficulties of the industry and improving the efficiency of the entire industry. To provide customers with safer products and better service experience.

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