IR waterproof camera market prospects

The market is always changing. The industry is constantly reshuffling. Fastball Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and production of infrared waterproof cameras, infrared dome cameras, common indoor cameras, dot matrix series cameras, white light series cameras, intelligent high-speed ball Machine series. The company's products have been widely used in all walks of life and are loved by security agents and engineering companies.

In order to adapt to applications at night or similar scenes, infrared waterproof cameras are widely recognized in monitoring. It integrates camera, infrared and other technologies. Its components include cameras, lenses, and infrared lights. These three shoulder different responsibilities in the entire IR waterproof camera.

The sales of infrared waterproof cameras have surpassed the traditional bolts and become the main export force of many private security companies in China. We can even see that simple innovations like this installation of LED infrared lamp modules will sweep the entire security industry. , continue the theme of technological innovation and product change, fastball description from the aspects of technological innovation, market conditions and product trends, for you to resolve the infrared waterproof camera, "the motherland, mountains, rivers, a 'red' situation.

Infrared waterproof camera is a CCTV surveillance camera that integrates cameras, rain cover, infrared LED lights and other components. The basic principle of its realization of night vision is to use an ordinary camera equipped with an aperture CCD to sense the spectral characteristics of the infrared light source (that is, visible light can also feel infrared light), with the additional LED infrared light as an "illumination source" at night or micro Imaging under light conditions. The power and angle of the infrared lamp, the configuration of the camera diaphragm CCD, the choice of switching filters day and night, and whether there is a good power supply heat treatment are important parameters for judging the performance of the infrared camera.

The traditional bolt machine uses visible light illumination, but it has disadvantages such as concealment and easy exposure of monitoring targets. Therefore, the application has been gradually reduced in recent years, and the infrared waterproof camera has a strong concealment, high cost performance, complete functions, a generous appearance, and a firm material. It has become the main force for the sale of security products in China. The product form developed by our own companies has also won praise from Europe, America and developing countries.

In addition to the product form that incorporates the lens and LED, there is still another form on the market that separates the camera from the infrared projector. The advantage of this design is that it can maximize the separation of the individual infrared lamps on both sides of the camera. The performance and heat dissipation of infrared LEDs can also be optimized. This kind of product is generally linked with the head and the stand, and the price system also takes the high-end and high-end routes. The requirements for the performance of different products are also different. Therefore, this requires the manufacturer to have a sufficient grasp of the performance of the infrared lamp and the camera. According to the infrared light angle, camera lens parameters, etc. for a reasonable match.

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