Explosion-proof emergency lights use methods and precautions

Explosion-proof emergency lights are suitable for emergency evacuation and lighting in the event of power outage in flammable and explosive dangerous places and environments such as oil exploitation, chemical industry and military industry.

Performance characteristics

1, with automatic emergency function, long emergency time.

2, using LED light source, low power, long life, high efficiency and energy saving.

3, advanced and reasonable circuit design, high electrical efficiency, high reliability, energy saving and maintenance-free.

4. Optimized structural design, light alloy shell, dustproof and waterproof, impact resistance, ensure that the lamps and lanterns are maintenance-free, and avoid unsafe factors in maintenance.

5, the use of high-tech surface coating technology, corrosion-resistant, reliable and durable, reliable use in harsh environments.


1. Installation: Firstly, determine the installation location and mode of the lamp in combination with the actual needs of the work site, and then prepare the corresponding length of the Φ10 to Φ14mm three-core cable according to the distance from the lamp to the power contact point.

2. Wiring: Loosen the upper cap's M6 inner hexagon Screw, open the upper cover of the lamp, loosen the compression Nut of the lamp cable inlet, remove the sealing piece, and introduce the power cable through the compression nut to the internal terminal of the lamp. At the office, fix the cable connection, tighten the cable cable compression nut, and then install the front cover of the lamp.

3, replace the light source: replace the LED and circuit board, open the front cover of the lamp, open the front cover downwards, first remove the reflector, then remove the LED components and circuit board, replace the new LED components and circuit boards, Install the front cover of the lamp.


1. When the light is transported, it should be installed in the equipped carton and be equipped with foam shock absorption.

2. When installing the lamp, the lamp should be safely grounded.

3, when used, the surface of the lamp has a certain temperature rise, which is a normal phenomenon; the temperature of the center of the transparent part is relatively high and must not be touched.

4. When maintaining the lamp, you must disconnect the power first.

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