Fire Protection Coatings Overview

Fire Protection Coatings Overview First, the concept of fire retardant coating Fire retardant coating is used for flammable substrate surface, can reduce the flammability of the coated material surface, blocking the rapid spread of fire, to improve the fire resistance of coated materials, a special coating.

Second, the classification of fire-retardant coating fire-retardant coatings; wood fire-retardant coatings; fire-retardant steel coatings, fire-retardant concrete structures, tunnel fire protection coating, cable fire protection coating.

Third, the fire protection mechanism of fire retardant coating:

(1) Fire-retardant coatings are inherently flame-retardant or non-flammable, so that the substrate to be protected is not in direct contact with air, delaying the ignition of objects and reducing the rate of burning.

(2) In addition to being flame-retardant or non-flammable, the fire retardant coating has a low thermal conductivity and can delay the transfer of the flame temperature to the protected substrate.

(3) The fireproof coating is decomposed by heat to generate a non-combustible inert gas, which dilutes the flammable gas that is thermally decomposed by the protected object, making it difficult to burn or slow down the burning speed.

(4) Nitrogen-containing flame retardant coatings decompose to NO, NH3, etc., and combine with organic free radicals to interrupt the chain reaction and lower the temperature.

(5) Intumescent fire-retardant coatings are thermally expanded and foamed to form a carbon-foam insulation layer that closes the protected object, delays the transfer of heat and the substrate, and prevents the object from burning or the decrease in strength caused by the temperature rise.

Fourth, the general price of domestic steel structure fire retardant coatings:

1, the price of indoor thin steel structure fireproof coating is 3000-5500 yuan/ton 2, the price of indoor ultra-thin steel structure fire retardant coating is 13000-15000 yuan/ton 3, the price of indoor thick-wall steel structure fire retardant coating is 2500-5000 yuan/ton 4 , Outdoor thin steel structure fire retardant coating prices in 8500-13000 yuan / ton (domestic manufacturers not much)

5, the price of outdoor ultra-thin steel structure fire-retardant coatings is in the range of 1,300-18,000 yuan/ton (not many domestic manufacturers)

6, outdoor thick steel structure fire retardant paint price 4000-5000 yuan / ton (domestic manufacturers not much)

Prices vary according to the fluctuations in the prices of raw materials in the market. The quality and price of products vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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