Wooden floor renovation knowledge

Floors have a useful life, good floors can be used for at least 15 years, and poor floors may only be used for 3 to 5 years. With the increase in the use of time, the surface of the floor will increase the degree of wear, then this time you can consider the renovation of the floor.

The so-called floor refurbishment is to wear a layer of wear or damaged after the wear painted paint, etc. or a simple waxing maintenance, but many consumers found after refurbishment, the renovation of the floor is not only beautiful, close together Even the service life has dropped dramatically. This is because the refurbishment technology is not closed or the floor is not suitable for renovation.

Laminate flooring is pressed with wood chips. The surface is covered with a layer of aluminum oxide wear-resistant layer. The thickness is very thin. The floor cannot be refurbished. Only new floors can be replaced when worn or damaged. , otherwise it will exacerbate the aging of the floor.

The pure solid wood floor can be completely renovated, it is understood that some brand manufacturers can provide refurbishment, but only to charge a certain fee, generally from 60 yuan / square Meter to hundreds of dollars. However, if the home is paved with solid wood flooring can also be refurbished? This depends on the thickness of the floor covering, because grinding will definitely reduce the thickness of the surface layer. Each polishing will probably wear off 1-2 mm thickness. If the surface layer is not thick enough, it will wear out the solid wood surface and polish the middle layer. It is bound to affect the life of solid wood flooring. The surface layer of multi-layer parquet in the market is generally between 0.6-1 mm, and the surface layer thickness like this cannot be refurbished. In the three-layer engineered wood flooring, the surface layer thickness of most products is about 4 mm, so after the renovation, the middle layer of the floor will not be affected. (Transfer from China Building Decoration Network) Therefore, whether the floor can be refurbished, we must determine the thickness of the floor surface, can not be blindly started.

The refurbishment of solid wood composite parquet flooring is not only limited by the thickness of the surface layer, but more importantly whether the wooden blocks of different colors are immersed in color, the veneer layer is thin or the surface is colored. If only the surface coloring, or the veneer layer with different colors, is relatively thin, then after the sanding, the effect of the mosaic is likely to be destroyed or even disappear. Therefore, if you buy solid wood composite or solid wood flooring and consider future renovation needs, be sure to ask whether the thickness of the floor surface of the business can meet the requirements, whether the manufacturer provides such services, and the renovation of parquet flooring you have to Should you keep your eyes open?

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