Three-story villa decoration skills Three-storey villa should be how to decorate

In general, the basic decoration steps of various villas will not be much different. The difference is usually a combination of various soft furnishings and layout of the area, the layout of the various indoor rooms, etc., then, for the three-tier What special skills are there in the villa decoration ? Let's learn about it with Xiao Bian.

1, determine the decoration

Nowadays, the market is mainly divided into three types of decoration methods: "Panel Light Industry", "Contracted Material", and "Packaging Light Industry Accessories". The first is that people with economical savings mostly choose. In this mode, building materials of all sizes are purchased by the owners themselves, and then handed over to the company's decoration company to arrange for workers to install; As the name suggests, it is all the decoration process packaged to the decoration company's full responsibility, the owners do not need to worry about from start to finish, peace of mind at the same time the price will be relatively high, so the choice of people will be less, and consumers are generally more economical ability Good, busy urban white-collar workers; the third is between the above two, that is, the main materials purchased by the owners, such as paint, ceramic tile, cement, these accessories allow decoration companies to help buy a decoration model. In the three-story villa renovation, the amount of materials involved is often very large, so the last type is generally recommended.

2, find the designer

Designers are key figures that affect the style of the entire interior environment. They must be carefully selected before conducting a three-storey villa renovation with a wide range of areas. The selection techniques can be combined with field trips and communication through the viewing of their latest works. Judging whether it is professional or not, whether the design style is consistent with the type of the owner's expectations, so as to select a suitable designer person. It is recommended that you try to find good designers who are well-known in terms of reputation and reputation.

3, sign the construction agreement

After finding the designer, the next step in the renovation of the three-storey villa is to accurately measure the house and allow the designer to make a comprehensive construction drawing based on the measurement results to give a quote. Here to remind everyone, be sure to carefully look at every detail item of the quotation, such as the construction progress and price, unit price, and amount of construction materials of all sizes, because if you do not see clearly, if some expenses that should not be borne by the owner are written into the contract Follow-up will likely trigger economic disputes.

4, stare at the construction phase

Three-story villa decoration is a relatively large project, involving the construction phase is also more complex, but still can not ignore the before, during and after the process from the main material, auxiliary material approach, to the installation, to the completion of every detail.

Xiaobian conclusion: The above is the article to bring you the three-storey villa decoration related knowledge, if you want to successfully complete the renovation process of this type of villa, then it should learn the relevant skills in advance, it is recommended that you may wish to refer before the decoration Read the contents of this article to avoid confusion.

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