PVC waterproofing membrane construction process PVC waterproofing membrane maintenance skills

PVC waterproofing membrane is made of polyester fiber fabric as a reinforcing rib, through a special extrusion coating process, so that the double-sided PVC plastic layer and the middle polyester ribs are combined to form a polymer membrane. . The combination of advanced polyvinyl chloride plastic layer and mesh structure of polyester fiber fabrics enables PVC waterproofing membranes to have excellent dimensional stability and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Next Xiaobian introduced pvc waterproofing membrane construction technology and PVC waterproofing membrane maintenance skills.

PVC waterproofing membrane construction process

1. Before construction, clean up the debris and debris on the surface of the primary floor firstly. The basic layer must be clean and there should be no sharp objects on the surface.

2. In the second step, a layer of polyethylene film is first applied, and the polyethylene film is lapped and bonded with a self-adhesive strip to facilitate subsequent construction.

3. Lay the extruded foam insulation board and fix the insulation board with special fasteners.

4, pre-pvc waterproofing membrane, will pvc waterproof membrane according to the location of the line control position on the insulation layer, laying direction and the direction of the pressure plate corrugated vertical, the natural loose PVC waterproof membrane layout in the insulation layer on the contour . The coils must remain flat and straight, not twisted, with a lap width of 120 mm and properly trimmed.

5. Fix pvc waterproofing membranes, fasteners and gaskets to fix pvc waterproofing membranes at 30mm from the edge of the coil as indicated by the marking line.

6, roll lap: a pair of pvc waterproof membrane lap on another pvc waterproof membrane, so that the fasteners and gaskets under the waterproof layer. Each lap joint is welded with a welding machine and if double welds are used, aeration tests are required.

7. Node processing: Cut the pvc waterproof sheet material suitable for the corresponding node, and use a hand-held welding torch to weld the sheet to the pvc waterproof sheet on the large surface.

8. The last step is to take the pvc waterproofing material to close the head and fix it with a bead and seal it with a sealant.

PVC waterproofing membrane maintenance tips

1, when laying PVC waterproofing membrane, should pay attention to the construction environment temperature, coil temperature above -5 °C. When full-stick construction is used, the coil temperature can only be above 5°C.

2. When laying PVC waterproofing membranes, additional layers should be provided for special parts.

3, should pay attention to construction protection, the construction of the coil should be temporarily fixed before the end of the daily construction, so as not to be blown by the wind.

4. The construction of the waterproof layer shall be carried out after the completion of the previous process. Cross construction shall not be carried out. If you need to install equipment on the roof of a well-prepared waterproof coiled material, additional layer treatment should be performed at the base of the equipment. If a high-grade roofing house is required on the waterproof layer, it must be checked after the waterproof layer is qualified.

Pvc waterproof membrane properties

1. PVC waterproofing membrane has high tensile strength, good elongation, and small thermal dimensional change rate.

2, has a good weldability, seam hot air welding and the parent material into one.

3, with good water vapor diffusion, condensate easy to discharge, leaving the grassroots moisture, moisture easily discharged.

4, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation, chemical resistance, resistance to root penetration.

5. Good flexibility at low temperature (-20°C).

6, long service life (25 years roof, underground more than 50 years), and no environmental pollution.

7, the color of the surface of the reflection of ultraviolet radiation, PVC waterproof membrane surface absorbs less heat, low temperature.

Editor's summary: On the construction of PVC waterproofing membranes and PVC waterproofing membranes maintenance techniques introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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