Where did you put your home corn?

Corn rims corn laps are made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire welded by mechanical welding, and then galvanized, pvc-impregnated, spray-coated, and other surface plasticized treatments are effective to prevent rust and corrosion. It is surrounded by cages and used for temporary storage of corn and other crops. The welded wire mesh (steel wire mesh) used in corn has a wire diameter of between 1.3mm and 2mm. According to the different surface treatment in different regions, hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh does not rust, ordinary welded wire mesh is cheap, if it encounters moisture or is affected by The rain will rust.
Circle corn net introduction? Edit mesh 1 inch, 2 inch, 2*3 inch, 5*5 inch, 5*7cm, 5*10cm Height 1.2m to 2m. The circle corn net has a smooth surface, uniform mesh, firm welding spot, good local machining performance, and good corrosion resistance. The circle is used to circle the corn, which is beneficial to the easy drying of the corn and the reduction of the floor space. It is easy to cover with rain and snow, and to prevent moldy deterioration of the corn.
Features: The storage of corn in the corn-net storage circle is small and the drying is convenient. Compared with other similar facilities, it has the advantages of air permeability and light transmission, and it can prevent mildew of corn. Moreover, good ventilation conditions are conducive to the drying of corn, and it is easy to cover it in rainy days. In addition, it can be used multiple times. It is both strong, beautiful, and practical. Now it is used by more and more people. The price of corn welded wire mesh is much lower than the traditional method of drying corn, which saves space and costs, shortens people's labor time, and facilitates people's life. September and October are the corn harvesting seasons, and it is also the demand season for corn nets.
We suggest that galvanized pure barbed wire is the best choice for corn, and it is best not to use welded wire mesh or Dutch nets, because pvc-coated products contain polyvinyl chloride, which is toxic and easily contaminates food, and there is also a plastic that stores corn. Silk bags also contain polyvinyl chloride. Here is a comparison of the two:
There are two types of corn in rural areas. One is a plastic silk bag and the other is a wire mesh. The comparison is as follows:
Price: Plastic silk bags, 30 yuan per mu, barbed wire, 60 yuan per mu for the life span: plastic silk bags for one year; barbed wire, 10-year land use: plastic silk bags, large ; Barbed wire, small force: plastic silk bag, loading, moving, pendulum, laborious; barbed wire, only use equipment, effortless.
Beautiful: plastic silk bags, stacking a pile, ugly; barbed wire, neat and beautiful. What are you waiting for? Home corn, why not try? Circle corn network editors corn network plate network corn network is also called stretch net, metal plate net, diamond net, iron net, metal expansion net, heavy-duty steel net.
The biggest feature of the steel mesh net corn net is its durability, which is better than the welding type corn net. Because the steel plate mesh has no solder joints and there is no trouble in starting welding, it has a large proportion in the new granary. The ring corn net is usually composed of a layer of steel mesh and a fine layer of rodent-resistant steel mesh.
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