Rong Kang Massage Chair Introduction

Twenty years ago, Kangtai people with visionary knowledge introduced the research and development and production technology of Japanese Matsushita Massage Chair, which produced the first real massage chair in China, which led the development of Chinese massage health care equipment industry. Today, let's take a look at the Rong Kang massage chair with go .


Shandong Kangtai Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest industrial enterprises producing massage chairs in China. It was founded in 1987. In 1997, Zhaoyuan Kangtai Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was established. In May 2003, it was restructured into a joint-stock company. It covers an area of ​​310 mu and has a construction area of ​​90,000 square meters. It is divided into two factories and two factories. It has assets of 420 million yuan and 1,100 employees. The annual growth rate of turnover and profits and taxes has reached more than 30%. The company's "Rongkang" trademark was awarded the industry's first Chinese well-known trademark in 2010. The “Rongkang” brand massage chair was also designated as a special massage chair for athletes by the 11th National Games, and successfully entered the National Theme Pavilion of the 41st Shanghai World Expo, becoming the only massage chair brand to enter the National Theme Pavilion.


I. Overview

1. This product is the latest ultra-luxury high-end product developed by Rongkang Massage Chair. It has novel style, complete functions and convenient operation.

Second, the novel experience, extraordinary feelings

1.3D three-dimensional massage function: 3D four-wheel massage mechanism design, the unique 3D massage mode breaks through the limitations of the small movement that imitated the masseur's wrist in the past, and upgraded to the complex three-dimensional massage action that can coordinate the whole arm. Not only can it achieve basic massage functions such as kneading, slamming, shiatsu, tapping, rolling, etc., but also add a unique function that is not available in domestic massage chairs - shoulder gripping function.

2. Stretch function: The two sets of airbags on the buttocks and the two sets of airbags on the waist cooperate to achieve a large twist and stretch of the waist and hips of the human body, which relaxes and relieves the stiff muscles of the body.

3. Foot twist function: The sole of the foot can swing in the range of 17°, which can eliminate the naked joint fatigue caused by walking.

4. Airbag massage function: The two-section tripod is equipped with 14 sets of airbags. The airbag is used to stimulate the legs that are easy to fatigue. Through stable pressure and rhythmic air pressure massage, blood circulation is promoted to eliminate foot and leg fatigue and promote blood circulation. .

5. Double air pump air supply: it also shows the fast-tempo, high-intensity deep-level air pressure massage effect.

6. New mechanical and pneumatic massage program: According to the ergonomics and Chinese medicine physiotherapy massage program, the neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, legs, feet and other parts can be rolled, massaged, kneaded, slammed, Dozens of massage techniques, such as tapping and squeezing, combine to stimulate acupuncture points, eliminate body fatigue, and feel extraordinarily novel.


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