How to trim the first fruit of the walnut tree? Pruning technique of walnut fruit at the beginning of fruit

Method for pruning the first fruit of walnut trees

The principle of initial pruning of walnut trees: go to the strong and stay strong, first put back and shrink. Be sure to follow this principle to pruning walnut trees, loosening the branches and leaves of walnut trees, not too strong or too dense, will directly affect the normal sound field of walnut trees.

For those miscellaneous branches, the influence of chaotic branches on the growth of the main branches of walnut trees must be pruned in time. The extent of pruning should be adjusted according to the normal growth of walnut trees. In the pruning technique, it must be removed from the auxiliary branches. Large branches, which make it uniaxially stretched, which can promote the growth of the main branches and better allow the walnut trees to absorb the light.

At the beginning of the walnut tree, the auxiliary branch is the key to pruning. It is necessary to make the walnut tree have better growth space, in order to promote the better growth of the walnut tree. All the auxiliary branches must be controlled, and it is necessary to carry out the mat in time. between.

Auxiliary branching is the main object of this period of pruning. It should be treated differently according to the tree. The space of the tree can be retained for a long time to make it as many results as possible; the small space can be retracted in time. All auxiliary branches must be controlled, so that they can be retracted or even removed in time.

After the walnut tree is trimmed, it is necessary to protect the trimmed tree mouth in time, and do not let the bacteria infect.

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