What is the working principle of the electrodeless lamp

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What is an electrodeless lamp? A lamp that uses a high-frequency magnetic field to excite a phosphor in a lamp to produce a brightness is an electrodeless lamp. There is no filament inside the electrodeless lamp, so its service life is very long, and the theoretical life can reach more than 60,000 hours. Even in the dark tunnel, it can be used for 6.8 years.
Induction lamp principle
The electrodeless lamp is composed of a high frequency generator, a coupler and a bulb. It is inductively coupled into the lamp by the electromagnetic field of the high frequency generator to avalanche the gas in the bulb to form a plasma. When the plasma excited atom returns to the ground state, it emits ultraviolet rays. The phosphor on the inner wall of the bulb is excited by ultraviolet light to generate visible light.
Induction lamp price
1, Jinsen photoelectric DBIN001-WJ161660.00 yuan
2, GZ, GZ-200W380.00 yuan
3, Aiton AD-DP430.00 yuan
4, Sugawara explosion-proof electrical appliances BAT53/BAT541100.00 yuan
Induction lamp brand
Nowadays, the brand of electrodeless lamps on the market mainly include Philips, Changhong, Huayue Electronics, Osram, General Electric (GE), GreenLead, Yuanguang Yaming Electric, and Gemstone Energy Saving Lighting.

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