Management guide for sweet potato

Sweet potato has the characteristics of high yield, stable yield, wide adaptability, strong resistance, nutrient-rich, and health care. To be productive, you must have the following points:

First, select excellent varieties: fresh edible potatoes mainly use detoxification varieties: Longshu 9th, Xi Nong 431, etc.; starch processing potato main promotion varieties: yam 98, detoxification Xushu 22; health care varieties: purple potato Wang et al.

Second, choose strong seedlings, timely planting: Spring potato planting is from early May to late May, summer potato planting time is from June 15th to July 5th.

Third, balanced fertilization, increased application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, ridge planting: deep ploughing loose soil, the tillage layer is not less than 20 cm. Detoxification of sweet potato should be less nitrogen fertilizer, increase the application of phosphorus and potassium, based on the principle of crude fertilizer and supplemented by chemical fertilizer. The absorption ratio of sweet potato to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is 2:1:3. In short, it is necessary to apply enough base fertilizer and increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. The base fertilizer should be based on base fertilizer.

Fourth, management:

1. In order to preserve the seedlings, the seedlings should be checked in time for 4-5 days after planting.

2, after planting the seedlings, in case of drought, the seedlings are wilting, pouring a slow seedling water, is conducive to the survival of the seedlings and Qi Miao.

3, July 10 or so, before the ridges should be 2-3 times, to eliminate weeds to prevent drought and flood.

4, before the end of August, the appropriate measures to raise the vines can avoid damage to the leaves, and prevent the formation of indefinite hesitation, control the stems and grow long; secondly, take chemical control measures, spray paclobutrazol in time.

5. Chemical control and suppression, and skillful topdressing water: Sweet potato is a drought-tolerant and water-saving crop. Generally, watering is less, but it should be noted that the water content of the land in the two stages of sweet potato growth is about 70%. The first stage is 45-60 days after planting, this period is the formation period of sweet potato tubers, and the second stage is the expansion period of potato tubers. If there is water in the field, drain it in time. It is dry and rainless for a long time. In the second half of August, the sweet potato can be sprayed in an appropriate amount, and sprayed twice, at intervals of 10 days.

Sixth, timely mechanical harvest: sweet potato is warm and cold, the most avoid frost. (Shahe City must be completed before October 23, otherwise it will be vulnerable to cold damage) When the local temperature drops to 18 °C, the harvest begins, and the ground temperature drops to 12 °C and the harvest is completed.

VII. Pest Control: In recent years, serious occurrence of sweet potato freeze and black spot disease occurred in my place. Sweet potato freeze: First, it is harvested too late, and it is damaged by frost or snow in the field. Second, it is caused by freezing after the discomfort. Third, the winter seal insulation management is not good, the temperature inside the crucible is longer than 9 °C, and it is susceptible to freezing damage. Prevention and treatment of black spot disease: Select disease-free seed potatoes, no disease and strong seedlings, leave disease-free farmland, and carry out rotation for more than 3 years. When planting, soak seeds with 50% of the 50% solution of dexamethasone for 10 minutes; 50% of carbendazim 1000 times solution for 10 minutes.

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